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Excell, LLC was established in 2000, providing high precision and specialty machined parts to the food industry initially and later expanding into the automotive and chemical industries.

In 2002, Excell began supplying parts to Tannas Company and King Refrigeration Inc. of the Savant Group. The quality of the parts produced by Excell and the ability to manufacture specialty parts was important to these two high-end instrument manufacturers. Excell soon became the preferred vendor of precision parts for Tannas and King.

In 2019, Excell was acquired by the Savant Group and renamed Excell Manufacturing, Inc. Excell continues to deliver outstanding quality, innovation, precision and exceptional customer service to the food, automotive, and chemical industries.


Established in 1969, the Savant Group is comprised of five individual companies: Savant Labs, Tannas Co., King Refrigeration, Inc., Institute of Materials (IOM) and Excell Manufacturing, Inc.. The service and expertise provided by the Savant Group enable customers to evaluate the performance of lubricants, fuels, fluids, and related products to meet industry and OEM specifications, monitor and control quality, and develop new test methods.   All four Savant Group companies are ISO 9001 certified and actively participate in industry organizations such as the ASTM, CEC, SAE, ILSAC, and STLE.  

Savant Labs, – An independent laboratory and research center specializing in industry-standard and custom testing of lubricants, greases, fluids, and related materials. Focused on data quality and interpretation, innovation and exceptional customer service. 

Tannas Co., – Developer and manufacturer of advanced laboratory instrumentation for analyzing the properties and performance of lubricants, greases, fluids, and related materials. 

King Refrigeration, Inc., – Manufacturer of low temperature laboratory instruments requiring development and application of advanced refrigeration design.

Institute of Materials Inc. (IOM),  – Publisher of the world's largest independent compilation of engine oil test data. Reliable, unbiased data is readily available on the physical, chemical and performance characteristics of engine oil samples collected from the worldwide marketplace.